Final Show

Final show at Summer Arts Conservatory

Unlike other programs which usually produce a single show, the Summer Arts Conservatory utilizes a unique format for the final show which allows ALL of the students to participate equally! At the end of the three week session, each student will have an opportunity to demonstrate a performance piece from their chosen department. Additionally, a student gallery is displayed in the lobby to allow students an opportunity to exhibit their work!

The final performance is presented at Caroline's L.O.F.T. on the campus of the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts.

Students perform at Summer Arts Conservatory

The final performance for Session 1 will be on Thursday evening, June 29 and Friday evening, June 30. The final performance for Session 2 will be on Thursday evening, July 20th and Friday evening, July 21st.

Each student may bring 3 guests only and admission to the final performance is free! The doors open 10 minutes before curtain for open seating.